Who is Pete Kelzenberg

Depends who you ask:

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Sara Kelzenberg - "He is my husband of 23 years. I leave him alone for 5 minutes, now he is running for school board!"


Katie and Henry Kelzenberg - "He is my Dad"

Elementary school staff - "He was a welcome volunteer in classrooms and activities, and served on the PTA.  Kids liked him and looked up to him."

Middle school staff - "He chaired our PTA and volunteered for many of our activities."

High School staff  - "He served on our Building leadership team and a number of our committees" He is the parent of two graduates. He was our liaison to the parent rep committee." 

Administrative staff - "We have called on him numerous times to participate on different committees (Calendar, Boundary, Parent Rep, Web site, Long Range Planning, Community Design Team and more."

Elementary bus riders - "He was our substitute driver.  We call him Pete the Cat. When is he coming back and can he be our permanent driver? " 

Middle School bus riders - "Ya, he's alright"

High school bus riders - "That's Henry's/Katies's Dad, I think.  I don't know.  I was on my phone. "

Special needs bus riders - 'He is nice to us"

Coaches and players - "He got us there on time and was our biggest fan. 

Teachers and chaperones - "He got us there and joined us on the field trip. Glad to have him participate with us. " 

Dwayne Johnson (Hollywood) - "He is the father of my best friend, "Katie Kelzenberg."  "Unfortunately, I was unable to go to the Prom with her"   

Lions club members - "He is a past president of the Afton Bayport Lakeland club and the current 1st Vice District Governor, soon to represent our 3 county area to the International organization."

Realtor colleague - "He is a tough negotiator, yet honest and fair. He represents his clients well."

Voter in District 834 - " I met him at ____, I agree with him that we needed to make some changes.  Now need to renew the levy and keep us high on the list of best districts in Minnesota. I will vote for him on November 2, and encourage others to do the same. 

Disclaimer.  Unlike my daughter, Dwayne Johnson, does not know me from Adam.  Check it out:  

Why am I running
for school board? 

Stillwater Area Public Schools have a long history of standing out among the best in our state.   I am proud of our tradition of excellence in academics, sports, fine arts and more.   As a board member, I want to support these winning ways. 


I have spent the past 20 years as a parent in our great school district.   I am completely satisfied with all that our school system has done for my kids.   Knowing how formative these years are for ages 0-21, I understand the importance of doing it right.   It worked for my family. I want to see it work the same for our current and future students.                                      

In a previous career, I worked full time in Community Education (pools).  I bring from that the knowledge that our schools exist for more than our students.  The facilities and support are there.  Our taxes pay for them.   I want to continue to promote the efficient use of this infrastructure, for the benefit of all who reside here. 

We have other private, charter, faith based, and home schools within our borders.  They are not managed by District 834, but do share some services.  I want their input and cheer for their success as well.

Now that my youngest has graduated,  serving on the school board will be a continuation of my involvement.  I will consider it an honor to represent all the residents of District 834.

Why you should vote for
Pete Kelzenberg

For the reasons stated above, I will be sincere in my efforts to keep the Stillwater School District in the excellent place that it is. 

The timing of my kids exit from the Stillwater system, coincided with recklessness and a poor agenda by a previous board majority.  Those days of settling old grievances and hurt feelings are now past.  Currently we have a mostly united board trying to do what is right and best for the entire district.  I believe I will be a good contributor to this non-partisan entity who all have a mutual goal of excellence. 

By voting for Pete Kelzenberg, you are voting to keep us moving in the proper direction. 

I will consider it an honor to represent the residents of District 834. 


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