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As a substitute bus driver I get a unique perspective on issues faced by our students. For instance. Put yourself in the shoes of this middle schooler. (that is either the best or worst metaphor for this story).

I am picking up Stillwater Middle students in the Liberty neighborhood. I am running on time which is a problem for one child. In his rush to catch the bus, he left his shoes untied. That could be done later. On the sidewalk he accidentally steps out of a shoe. The neighbor's playful dog beats him to it and runs off. Oops! No time to chase. Quick! Back to the house for a full pair. He doesn't know that I am patient and would wait as his friends asked me to do. The best he can do is a pair of slippers by the front door. It would have to do. I got him and his bus mates to school on time, where he gave me these details and permission to share.

This is the part that impressed me. This did not fluster him. He could appreciate the humor of what happened. Instead of looking back in a few years to laugh at the situation, he opted to do it now. That is the healthy attitude I like to see in anyone. And especially so in a middle school student.

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