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League of Women Voters’ 2022 Voter Guide



Why are you the best candidate for this position? (750 characters)


During the past year I’ve served on the board, some good work has been started and I hope to continue this progress. I am particularly proud of our success in hiring a superintendent whose leadership and ideas are moving our district in the right direction. I would like to contribute to this success, and focus on improving academics by working with our staff and listening to the community.

I have a long history of volunteerism and commitment to the community, and I believe my close connection to the district will be an asset to the school board.   


I wish to honor the role of governance by engaging respectfully with my fellow board members, and I will respect the group decision and process when a vote is made.

If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (500 characters)

My priorities are strategic planning, facilities, and the mental health of our students and staff. Strategic planning is a top priority because setting high academic standards and creating a framework for decision making will affect the long term success of our students. Likewise, good facilities support a good education, and we may need to add facilities to accommodate our growth. Finally, our students and staff need our support to overcome mental health challenges and flourish academically.

How will you work with staff and teachers to promote safety in our schools? (500 characters)


I see safety as a twofold issue. There are physical safety measures in our schools such as entryways and security systems, and for these we must look towards the latest recommendations by experts as safety research is continuously being updated. There is also a less tangible aspect to safety, which is the emotional and social needs of our students and staff. Everyone should feel that their concerns are taken seriously, both at the personal and decision-making level.

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