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More than K-12


Returning to my car from a soccer game one weeknight recently, I detoured through the Pony Activity Center (PAC) and was surprised to see a flurry of activity. Groups of adults were shooting baskets, while what looked like a pick up game was happening on another court. A curtained off area had a pickleball game going on. Others were working out in separate areas on the weight and cardio equipment.

Jordi Teillard-Cui was supervising the area for Community Ed, which manages the community use of our facilities. He gave me an overview. The area is open 5:30 am to 9 pm most days except for the hours of 2-5:30 which is prime time for high school students. He says we have a minimum of 40 people using the facility on any given evening. Often more.

Friday family nights begin next week, where kids can participate if accompanied by an adult.

Our fine facilities exist because of the support of our Stillwater area community. I feel good knowing that they are available to both our pre k-12 students and our community members, and that they are used extensively as well.

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