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Peer Helpers

October 31, 2022


Again. It was my pleasure to witness another example of the extraordinary things that improve the student experience in District 834. Thanks to a grant from the Partnership Plan for helping to make the following event possible. 


21 Stillwater Area High School students in grades 10-12, chosen by their classmates. participated in a Peer Helper retreat at camp Icaghowan in Amery WI. The two day  event was Organized and led by retired teacher Mike Kaul, his training partner Dana Krahenbuhl and teachers Abby Yates, and Sam Grimes.  The training and team building weekend prepared these students to have conversations and assist with the concerns of their peers back at the High School.  They will make themselves available to fellow students as a point of contact for any who may be more comfortable reaching out to a classmate with sensitive issues they may be dealing with.  Part of this training is to know when to refer others for more professional guidance.


They will meet monthly hereafter to discuss what they are hearing and seeing from the ground floor and receive reinforcement to better address the trending concerns.  The monthly meeting will also address the self-care of the peer helpers as they become more immersed in the challenges of their fellow student population. 


Thank you to the Partnership Plan for your support of this unique initiative. 

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