Additional benifits to the Current bus Terminal

Previously I posted about what is good at the new bus terminal. Since then, I have had the opportunity to chat with the mechanics. I asked “what did I miss in this list?” They compared it to the old base on Stagecoach.

It was a simple issue, but a big one....SPACE. Space to get the job done. Buses need a lot of maintenance and room to do it efficiently. These vehicles stop and go, in and out of gear, all day, everyday. They need to be maintained. Many repairs that you may ignore on your car, would require a school bus to be taken out of service.

The old location had room for two buses in the shop at one time. Mechanics constantly had to move out of each other’s way when working on separate vehicles. If a bus was brought in to fix the emergency door alarm (it's not allowed on the road unless it's been checked each trip and working), it would have to be pulled far enough forward to open the back door. Then it would have to be backed up to make room to open the hood to do anything to the engine while it was in shop. And who would have thought of this one? Floor drains were directly underneath the buses, making it impossible to roll the creeper back and forth. If anyone wants to answer what a creeper is, please post.

Even getting the bus to the garage meant negotiating it around parked employee cars. At the current site, such logistics are a lot more efficient. The driver pulls over when driving past the shop and mechanics pop out to change a burnt headlight, bad wiper or whatever. Driver is delayed 5 minutes rather than “write it up and take a spare bus” which could cause a 30 minute delay in good weather.

Spare parts and tires had to be stored outdoors or in a separate shed. Sometimes deliveries needed to be stored in unused buses.

Kind of off topic, but let it be said here. The mechanics do a great job with a great attitude. When they are respected with a decent place to perform, then this is even more so..

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