The field of candidates narrows.

I received a phone call late this afternoon telling me that I was a winner. While trying to think of what contest I may have entered recently, It soon became clear that this was Margo Rheinberger from Valley Access. She narrowly beat out Matt Debow from the Stillwater Gazette to give me the news. Don Hovland, My opponent in the School board race is withdrawing his candidacy. His name will still be on the ballot, but he is not seeking votes.

All along I believed that success in the levy votes are more important than my election. That will still be my primary focus. I encourage you to follow the various efforts working toward that end.


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The results are in and I am humbled by the support and votes of confidence within our School community. I understand that Vivian Votava and myself will get seated at the board meeting on November 18,

Much thanks to Robert Berkowitz for this well written explantion of the levy votes in front of us. He has allowed me to share it here. My family took advantage of early in person voting on a beautif