What is so good about the new bus base

You may be noticing a lot of attention regarding the new bus base (bus garage) on Hudson Road. We are currently at risk of its use being taken away from us. Its in the hands of Lawyers, School Board and Lake Elmo City council. The best argument made so far, in my mind, is from the Lawyer representing the School District. Her presentations to the City can be seen here. Click the 4/13 or the 4/21 episodes. Its especially alarming if you live in Lake Elmo.

Since I have spent plenty of time in and out of this base, I brainstormed some advantages this new and current base affords. Please consider these when you wonder if it is appropriate to fight to keep this location.

Advantages of the new bus facility


Closer to the majority of the current and future population of our district.

Closer to a larger population area to recruit drivers

Closer to outside services needed to maintain the fleet


On site Fuel station for efficient fueling.

Large enough to contain the entire operation in one fenced area.

No personal vehicles need to be parked on city streets. Rumor has it that Bayport may disallow street parking at the Stagecoach facility.


Garage space for multiple busses under maintenance at one time.

Mechanics can work on the entire bus without having to move it.

Buses do not have to be maneuvered for maintenance. Drivers can “pull over” for pit stop type repairs, avoiding unnecessary delays and late pick ups.


Easy access for the Weekly garbage and recycling service. At Stagecoach, cars had to be shuffled on trash day for that vehicle to get in and out.

All bus parking is within a short extension cord for winter plug ins


Just like at the schools, busses, cars and pedestrians can move about separately from one another.

Buses can move about the entire facility without having to reverse.

On site space for training, retraining and state required safety meetings.

Potable water on site. People were advised not to drink the water at Stagecoach.

Buses enter and exit onto a visible and low traffic Hudson Road.

Well lit area.

Most of the facility is visible from the upstairs offices.


Bus washing bay.

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