Who else to vote for

The election is November 3, 2020. The School board questions will be down the ballot from the many other office choices happening that day.. I appreciate that you will find my name and select. However you will get to vote for 5 candidates between 2 ballot items. To make your vote more effective, I would encourage you to vote for each of the following.

4 year term. (choices will appear in random order)

Pete Kelzenberg

Matt Onken

Annie Porbeni

2 year term (separate ballot item to fill two early vacancies)

Bev Petrie

Alison Sherman

All five of us encourage you to vote for all five of us. This is important to put the board in better hands and get us looking and working forward as important decisions will need to be made. This is not just a cliche. Our opponents that currently rule as a unified majority have been disregarding current important issues in favor of resolving past disagreements.

I am soon to get yard signs ordered. I look forward to delivering them to those who have asked and perhaps meeting you in person. .

Any of your donations to help this effort are much appreciated. That link is on the front page of this website

Thank you.

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