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Stillwater Gazette

Friday September 23, 2022

What past experience makes you qualified for this position?

I have had  the privilege to serve on the School Board for the past year and hope to continue the good work we have started. In the past year, we hired an exceptional Superintendent whose leadership and ideas are moving our district in the right direction.


I have been very involved with the district over the past several years and have experienced what our schools can do for our students and community.  I have served on numerous groups and committees including, PTA, PTA leadership, Boundary, Calendar, Long Range Planning, Community Design, High School Leadership, Policy review and more. My wife and I have two children who attended Stillwater Public Schools from Pre K - 12 and received a high quality education.


What is your No. 1 goal as a board member?

My goal is to work with District Administration in establishing a framework for a strategic plan that encompasses  high academic standards, opportunity for all students to define and achieve their individual success, and appropriate facilities for learning. I will continue to build upon the trust the community has given us to accomplish this mission.

Is there a specific issue that caused you to seek office?

Initially, my desire was to change the direction in which the district was being led by board members at that time.  I disagreed with decisions that were being made contrary to the expressed desires, input and expertise of staff and community. Tax dollars intended to improve education were being spent on lawsuits and buyouts that created instability. In 2020, I supported the effort to make significant changes and put us back on the right track.  In 2021, I successfully ran to fill a board vacancy.  I am now asking the community to keep the positive momentum going with their vote on November 8.    

How involved should the board be with the curriculum development?

Curriculum development is an ongoing process involving input from many people.  Our job is to hire and support a superintendent who will oversee that process to the satisfaction of the community.  It is incumbent on us to consider and share input from the community with the administration.

Are there classes being taught that concern you?  Why?

I do not have concerns with the classes being taught. These classes are put through an approval process directed by educated professionals. I’m impressed with the caliber and variety of classes and extracurricular activities we provide. I am excited by the Superintendent’s desire to work on our curriculum in an intentional and timely manner. I’d also like to add that in my experience, the District values parents as partners in the education of our students. 

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